Aporva Varshney

Hi! My name is Aporva Varshney (pronounced with a silent 'a', as in 'Aporv') and I'm a PhD student in mathematics at University College London, aligned with the London School of Geometry and Number Theory. I study algebraic geometry, supervised by Professor Ed Segal.

I studied joint mathematics and computer science for my undergraduate degree at Imperial College London and spent my summers working at Bloomberg and Meta as a software engineering intern.

E-mail: aporva dot varshney dot 22 at ucl dot ac dot uk

PhD Sudent in Mathematics
University College London
My research focuses on a branch of mathematics known as algebraic geometry, which studies shapes that can be described by polynomials. Specifically, I study an algebraic structure associated to these shapes known as the derived category. I am particularly interested in connections with theoretical physics.
MEng Mathematics and Computer Science
Imperial College London
I graduated with first class honours. My final year thesis was on non-Archimedean geometry, studying the notion of Berkovich spaces.
June - September 2021
Software Engineering Intern
As part of the data retention team, I created software to detect and delete inaccessible user data in the company databases. I enhanced the team's existing deletion pipelines to support automatic deletion of entire columns in a database. As this was a critical operation, I designed safeguards to minimise risk of deleting in-use data.
July - September 2020
Software Engineering Intern
I worked in a backend team which managed virtual machines used by developers across the company. Spikes in the loads on specific servers frequently lead to delays and downtime in the services provided by the team, and previously required manual intervention. I developed an algorithm and various heuristics to rebalance the resource usage.
Programming Projects
Website Design